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Control your destination.  Talk to us about fast, efficient and convenient air charter solutions.


Corporate Air Charter

Safe, reliable, professional and cost-effective private air charter for all industry sectors – corporate and government.

We understand that time is precious and productivity is paramount.  Fly with us and you can be airborne minutes after parking your car.

Our fast, fuel-efficient aircraft, skilled and knowledgeable pilots and flexible on-demand scheduling will get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Get on board with us and get on with business.

Free on-site parking, a fully equipped flight lounge with WiFi and private facilities for meetings or drug and alcohol testing, streamlined administrative procedures and skilled professional staff take convenience and efficiency to the next level.


Mining and Resources

AEROhire is strongly positioned to meet the challenging transport logistics of mining and resources operations throughout Australia.

Our planes have the speed and range to reach remote locations and can comfortably handle different types of landing strips, including gravel and grass.

We know that flexibility, punctuality, productivity and convenience are priorities.

From hot-shot cargo deliveries and FIFO deadlines to business travel and exploration, we can structure a charter solution that works for you.

The size of our fleet and their flexible configuration means we can quickly adapt to your changing needs and have back-up aircraft when required.

Our dedicated flight lounge at Perth’s Jandakot airport is well-equipped for all business needs, including a private facility for drug and alcohol testing.



We can provide fast, efficient freight transport 24/7.

We can quickly configure our planes to carry cargo and/or passengers, helping you meet your deadlines or turnaround challenges.

Talk to us about a tailored freight solution that keeps your business wheels turning.



Our premium air charter service is operated by professionals who maintain the highest safety and operational standards to ensure your maximum comfort and reliability.

With decades of experience flying around Australia, we’re strongly positioned to deliver the ultimate tourism package.  Explore our continent’s unique destinations with the comfort, convenience and flexibility of customised air charter.

Our private flight lounge is the perfect launch-pad for discovery tourism, with our experienced pilots and class-leading aircraft providing the ultimate in safety, reliability and performance – even on gravel or grass strips.

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