Our Aircraft

Our privately owned fleet of propjets and turbo-charged piston aircraft means fast, efficient and economical air transport anywhere in regional Australia.

Superior speed, economy, landing strip handling capabilities and versatile seating configurations mean you can:

  • Access remote sites
  • Move freight urgently
  • Explore Australia’s extraordinary scenic destinations
  • Discover new frontiers
  • Manage your time productively with private and exclusive air travel

Cessna 441 Conquest  Propjet (carrying capacity 8/9 passengers)

AEROhire owns three of these propjet aircraft which have a global reputation for comfort and performance.  They are powerful yet fuel-efficient and can handle gravel or sand strips with ease.

We offer the versatility of a corporate or utility configuration, depending on your needs.

Turbo-charged piston engines (carrying capacity of 9/10 passengers)

Our fleet includes five of these aircraft, which are ideal for shorter distances. Our piston engine aircraft all have freight doors and can be quickly configured to suit individual requirements.


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